The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.

– Bill Cosby

There’s a lake in a valley, with a name as dark as the stories which are told. By the end of the lake there once lived a little family of three, a mother, father and a daughter whom carried the name Dikdine. But it wasn’t a happy family. However, no one knows what really happened, but everyone knows how the story ended.

The father was a typographer coming from England, and he married his love which was the mother of his child. For reasons unknown, they tried to poison their little girl by forcing her to drink ink. When that didn’t work, her mother made her bleed to death by puncturing her very swollen tongue using knitting needles. The poor girl never got a grave, but was thrown in the lake by her father. Some time later, weeks, mounts, maybe years, he was found in the forest near the lake, where he had hung himself in a tree. Among his belongings which he had left behind was several letters where he was reproaching himself for the death of his daughter, and for his wife who had left him. He now lies buried in one of the towns graveyards, while his daughter is haunting the valley she was borned, scaring visitors away with her big, piercing eyes and dark blue fluid running from her mouth.

Her soul will never rest in peace.

It’s a rewriting of a myth connected to Svartediket (the Black Lake) in Bergen, Norway


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