A lot of art and visual crafts are based on appropriating things. 

– Lazaro HernandezIMG_2421I went with Norwegian Crafts to the Révélations Fine Craft and Creation Fair at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, now three weeks ago. I was on crutches so didn’t get as many photos and as good as I like. Anyway, together with the other nordic countries, Norwegian Crafts had a huge stand with 25 different art pieces. The concept was the game of whispers, where there was one curator for each country and they took turns picking out a piece of work from their country. The curators only got the picture of what the previous curator had chosen, and had to find another pieced somehow based on that first work.  IMG_2455 IMG_2429Object #5: Scarab by OrriFinn (Iceland) IMG_2438 Object #1: DIY Place # 1: Bali by Kjersti Lande (Norway)IMG_2428Object # 22: Anarkistens Perlering by Trine Trier (Denmark) IMG_2512sSome of the organizers from the different countries. IMG_2525sThe artists.IMG_2481 IMG_2487 IMG_2471 IMG_2459 IMG_2466 IMG_2504sThe French prime minister Manuel Valls visiting the stand. IMG_2452

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Paris is always a good idea.

– Audrey HepburnSkjermbilde 2015-09-25 kl. 15.40.42I went to Paris with work, a fine craft organisation showing at the Révélations fine craft and creation fair at the Grand Palais. My task was to photograph the events, but I had ended up on crutches just a few days before, so I had to pass on the task to one of the others while I mainly sat watching. Mostly what I got to see of Paris was through the window of a taxi. IMG_6469IMG_6472 copy IMG_6503 copy IMG_6501 IMG_6476 copy IMG_6531 copy IMG_6532 copy IMG_6492 copy

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The details are not the details. They make the design. 

– Charles EamesIMG_1993Norwegian Presence at Oslo Design Fair / Gave og Interiørmessen. A collaboration between Norwegian Crafts, Norwegian Icons and Klubben, with colours from Jotun and display design by Kråkvik & D’Orazio, showing Norwegian design and crafts. IMG_1980By Kari Mølstad IMG_1931By Bjørn van den BergIMG_1937By Ingeborg Elieson IMG_1941By Andreas EngelsvikIMG_1944 By Günzler.Polmar IMG_1963By Vera & Kyte IMG_2004By kneipIMG_2009By Margit Seland IMG_2018By Kristine Bjaadal IMG_1949

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Life is a sum of all your choices. 

– Albert CamusIMG_1318 IMG_1252 IMG_1257 IMG_1375 IMG_1297 IMG_1381 IMG_1195 IMG_1220 IMG_1361 IMG_1620 IMG_1593

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Women don’t realize how powerful they are. 

– Judith Light5 4 1 2 3

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The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding. 

– John UpdikeIMG_1446bw IMG_1241bw IMG_1788bw IMG_1102bw IMG_1089bw IMG_1378bw IMG_1370bw IMG_1539bw

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You don’t take a photograph, you make it

– Ansel AdamsSkjermbilde 2015-06-25 kl. 19.51.44I’ve updatet my website, would be awesome if you took a look :)

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